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About us

Fully stocked product lines ranging from standard and specialty drilling mud and chemical products, production and workover fluids, cementing or float equipment, in-stock, and special order pit liners and erosion controls, as well as rental equipment. Utilizing our private fleet gives us the ability to deliver, load, pick-up, or drop ship products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no matter the load size.

With safety and speed as our #1 goals, Mountain Mud Service & Supply, Inc. has been operating with NO LOST TIME ACCIDENTS since the ownership change hands on January 1, 2006.

Brief history

Mountain Mud Haulers was established in 1978 as a drilling fluid or “mud” hauling company in Upton, Wyoming. Expanding with the booming oilfield, Mountain Mud Haulers moved to Gillette, Wyoming in 1980. While still hauling for many major drilling fluid companies Mountain Mud Haulers began to resale & distribute drilling mud for themselves. By 1980 resale and distribution of drilling mud and the addition of many new drilling fluids and chemicals as well as pit liners and other specialty products, Mountain Mud Haulers became a full scale mud company servicing areas throughout Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, and into California. From 1998 through 2006 Mountain Mud Haulers serviced not only oilfield and water well drilling industries but also the up and coming Coal Bed Methane Gas industry in the greater Powder River Basin.

On January 1, 2006 Mountain Mud Haulers was purchased by Mountain Mud Service & Supply, Inc., still locally owned and operated with pride in our work.

Mountain Mud Service & Supply, still stocks full lines of drilling standard and specialty drilling mud and chemical products with the addition of production and work-over fluids, cementing or float equipment, in-stock, and special order pit liners, and erosion controls, as well as rental equipment. We also continue to operate our private fleet of trucks capable of delivering any size of load whenever needed.


Mud Products

Pit Liners

Erosion Control

Cementing Equipment

Fully Functional Mud lab

Fully Functional Mud lab where all of our product and equipment is tested before going to the field. Capable of designing fluid systems in-house for all different types of Geological Formations.

Ability to Simulate lost Circulation in formations before they occur.

Services & Support

Mud Engineering

We offer many different levels of support for all of your drilling and completion fluid needs. These Services include but are not limited to:

– 24-hour on-site engineering
– 12-hour on-site engineering
– Drive-by mud checks
– Technical Support
– Customer-specific and general information drilling fluid classes

Pit Liners

We stock a wide variety of sizes in woven coated pit liners for both temporary and permanent applications. In addition o the woven coated liners we can special order nearly any size and type of liner to be installed in any situation.


We own and operate our own private truck fleet utilizing upwards of 65 dry vans and flatbed trailers and over 15 straight trucks and tractor-trailers. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to deliver anywhere needed.

Drilling Fluids & Chemical Additives

We are proud to offer various types of premium mud chemical additives for all types of Drilling Muds. We have over 13 Stock points across the United States carrying all types of regular drilling products all the way to high-end specialty products. We carry at all times over 1million pounds of Bulk Barite capable of being
able to handle any situation. Equipped with mud
plants at all of our major stock points with high
end shear spinners and management able to
constantly roll fluid to prevent settling and to
ensure the mud you receive on location is a
premium fluid. We carry over 20,000 bbls of
Oil Based drillings fluid in our Wyoming
headquarters alone where we are the Powder
River Basins only full-service drilling fluid
supply company

Erosion Control Services

In Addition to stocking a wide variety of erosion control products, we can also arrange, with adequate lead time, site evaluations to determine the best product for the application. Site evaluation can be completed prior to installation, after installation, or both.

Our team

With our three companies, we take the headache out of shopping around for Solids Control and Back Yard packages through maximum savings.

Some of our clients

In more than 40 years in the industry, we have worked from Fortune 500 to small businesses in a vast range of projects. We cover them all because we know how to do things the right way.